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I have the pleasure of writing for Puddler Magazine, the children's publication of that venerable wetlands and waterfowl conservation organization, Ducks Unlimited. I also occasionally do Young Naturalists pieces for the MN Conservation Volunteer. Here are a few stories that children should enjoy. They might even learn something!!! 

If It Looks Like A DuckIf It Looks Like A Duck!!! Not all waterbirds are waterfowl! Let's learn about what other birds share the duck marsh!


A ROMP OF OTTERS! Otters are some of the coolest critters around. Sleek, fast, fun and fury! Read about them in this Young Naturalists segment of the Minnesota Conservation Volunteer magazine!


MEET THE DABBLING DUCKS! There are "dabbling" ducks, and "diving" ducks, named for how they like to eat. Read this story to learn all bout the dabblers! 


SUPER-DUPER DIVING DUCKS! Diving ducks can do some pretty super-duper things! What can they do? You won't know unless you read this story! 


THE EYES HAVE IT -- Just how fantastic is "duck vision?" Well, did you know they can see almost all around them all at once? How cool is that? Learn more in this fun story!


THE SCOOP ON BILLS --Waterfowl mouths are called "bills." Did you know that they come in different shapes and sizes? They do! Why? If you read this story, you'll find the answers!!


The Fabulous Fox Family is a Young Naturalist piece I wrote and photographed for the Minnesota Conservation Volunteer magazine. Red foxes are smart and beautiful. You'll enjoy learning about them!


NESTING TIME! So where do ducks nest? How many eggs do they lay? If you read this, you'll know the answers!

THE DUCK FACTORY! Cars come from a factory. Even toasters and televisions do. But ducks? Learn all about the "duck factory" where most of North America's ducks are born!


A WINTER'S TALE -- You probably know that ducks and geese fly south for the winter, but do you know why, or what they do on their wintering grounds? You'll know all about it if you read this story!


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