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So You Want To Be A Professional Wildlife Photographer?

 Part Three -- Stock Photo Agencies

  Michael Furtman

I've been pleasantly surprised by the number of photographers that have contacted me asking for help in finding a creditable stock photo agency. Obviously, many who have read Part One and Part Two of this series have taken it to heart that they shouldn't give their work away to rip-off "royalty free" stock photo agencies such as Good for them! They realize that their work has real value.

As I've written in the other segments, I use WindigoImages as my stock agency, but their niche is fairly narrow -- they specialize in hunting and fishing images, and images of wildlife that are huntable species. That leaves a lot of other species that I can't send to them. And as I also said, I sell the vast majority of my images by myself, directly to the publisher. But then, I do this for a living full time -- you may not have the patience or time to approach magazines and other publishers.

So, what are your options? What agencies are out there? Below is a list of stock photo agencies that utilize wildlife or scenic images. I am not recommending any of them -- this is simply a list of companies that have a reputation for using those kinds of images and that treat their photographers professionally.

General (each include wildlife and nature categories, among many others)

Jupiter Images
Aurora Photos

Wildlife, Nature, Scenic
Minden Pictures
Animals Animals
Images of Nature
National Geographic Images
Terra Brasil Imagens
Nature Picture Library
Joel Sartore Stock
Norbert Wu
Steve Bloom
Art Wolfe
Muench Photography
Terra Galleria
DRK Photo
Oxford Scientific
World Foto

Outdoor (surfing, sailing, adventure, national parks, hunting, fishing, etc. -- each has its own niche)
Windigo Images
Aurora Outdoor Collection
Surfing Stock
A-Frame Photo
PPL Photo Agency
Blue Green Pictures
Kos Sailing pictures
Yacht Photo

Agencies Hoping That You're Stupid And Willing To Sell Your Soul To See Your Photo In Print
Citizen Image









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